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A Life of Abundance: From East L.A. to Staging Beverly Hills 


Joanna's Story

 Joanna Segoviano is a fun and friendly Latina from Los Angeles, California. She is founder and CEO of Viano Decor, a professional home staging company. In the future, Joanna envisions herself as a multi-business owner, hoping to sell a home decor line at a Target near you. Her faith plays a significant role in her everyday life, as she looks to God for all her blessings.

In Latinas in Real Estate Volume II: Stories of passion, resilience and breaking barriers in the real estate industry, 15 powerful Latinas, including Joanna share their journey in the real estate industry. Joanna speaks on her adventure from East Los Angeles to Beverly Hills. 


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"I knew it came with relentless hard work, unquestionable determination, massive sacrifice, and limitless effort. My faith in God is only rivaled by my faith and in myself"

Joanna Segoviano


"This book is to encourage more Latinas to enter this field as a professional or as an investor. These stories will help you find the way"


New York Times Best-Selling Author

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